Membership Info

The Northwood Athletics Association, Inc. (NAA) is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports Northwood High School athletics, including teams, coaches and student athletes. Your membership supports the organization to help purchase equipment, field maintenance, uniforms and scholarships for Northwood teams.

Meetings are held at 6:30pm in the NHS Media Center bi monthly before the PTSA meetings  September – June.  Your membership entitles you to vote at meetings and to receive important update information via our email list.

Membership levels are described below.  Complete the membership form  

Individuals with NAA membership are voting members of the organization.

Membership Levels

Level Name Cost Bonus Gifts Pick-up Location
Basic $20 Voting member
Red $30 $10 concession card Concession stand
Silver $50 Concession card, T-shirt Concession stand
Black $100 Concession card, t-shirt Concession stand
One seasonal pass Ticket booth
Big N $200 Concession card, t-shirt Concession stand
Two seasonal pass Ticket booth
Gladiator $300 Concession card, sweatshirt Concession stand
One annual pass Ticket booth
Alumni $500 Name recognition on a new electronic scoreboard