Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainer: Jennifer Perrine, ATC    Phone: Cell: 615-522-1478


Hello Parents and Athletes,

I want to assist in providing the best possible care for your young athletes. It is my privilege to work at Northwood High School through the MedStar Sports Medicine Team. This team consists of our athletic trainers, orthopedic doctors that specialize in sports medicine, physical therapists, the coaches, and of course you and your athlete. Good communication within our team is my priority. It is not required to use a MedStar doctor, but I do ask that if your child needs treatment that you consider staying in the circle of our Sports Medicine Team. Using the MedStar network will allow faster and more fluid communication when tracking the recovery progress of your athlete. To learn more about what is available to you through Medstar please visit:

A Few Things for Athletes and Their Parents to Know

  1. When something hurts let the athletic trainer know before going to the doctor. Occasionally the athletic trainer can prevent a trip to the doctor. Not all doctors are interested in getting your athlete back on the field quickly, or have sports injury experience.
  2. If there is an injury on the field or court, please Do Not Touch Them! You cannot always tell what the injury is just from looking, and touching someone with a broken bone may cause further harm. Let the trained professionals handle the situation.
  3. If an athlete has any symptoms of a concussion, the athlete is to be removed from play and cannot return to play until the athlete has written authorization from a doctor and approval from the athletic trainer. After there are no symptoms present a 5-day activity progression needs to be completed before returning to full participation.
  4. If an athlete requires an inhaler, epi-pen, or other medication please get an extra one to give to the athletic trainer to keep on site for games and practices immediately.
  5. Flexibility prevents a LOT of injuries from occurring. Stretching at practice isn’t enough. Encourage your athlete to stretch at home as often as possible.
  6. When something is painful or swollen, ICE!! Do not heat after an injury since it can cause more swelling. If muscles feel tight or mildly sore in general then heat may be used. Only use heat or ice for 15-20 minutes at a time!

I look forward to working with you and your young athletes. If you have any questions about an injury or the health of your athlete, then please feel free to contact me directly.

Go Gladiators!

Jennifer Perrine